Sauna Heat - ‘Alter Eagle / Youngblood’ Cassette Released March 25th

Good news gang! Fuzzbook is releasing a new tape! It’s been a few months since the last but it is very exciting to announce the release of  Savannah based Garage-fuzz DIYer Sauna Heat’s debut cassette. This isn’t just any tape though, this is 2 EPs in one. 

The naughty/nice tape features Sauna Heat’s fuzz-poppy ‘Alter Eagle EP’ on one side with the thrashy live DIY EP ‘Youngblood’ looming on the other, allowing you to choose depending on your mood. It depends if you are looking to dance or smash some stuff up. Your choice.

This is an uber-limited release with just 25 numbered cassettes being released. The tapes will feature interchangeable ’Alter Eagle’ and ‘Youngblood’ covers.

The cassettes are to be released on 25th March 2013 and can be ordered now via BANDCAMP

We <3 DIY.