Cool Drinks - ‘I Feel Alright’

From the latest self-titled EP out now for DL on BC

Gorgeous Bully - ‘Sinking Feeling’

Gorgeous Bully is ALWAYS great! New song is no different obvs. Bit late on this one, but there are still tapes available so get one now from ART IS HARD.

Newborns - ‘We Are Newborns’

Sauna Heat’s Michael Younker has teamed up with John Zimmerman to bring out the best lo-fi album of the year. Uber fuzzy, Every track is a doozie. Cha-ching.

Stream the shit out of it now on BANDCAMP.

No Monster Club - ‘Damn The Weather’

Dublin’s best popsters are back with a new tape. Its ships 13th December. Pre order now from BANDCAMP.

Univers - ‘Cavall Daurat’
Fairly new VIdeo for this track from the latest EP ‘Cavall Daurat’. Available from TIGRE DISCS

The Hairs - ‘Call Me Mista’

Brooklyn DIYers The Hairs return with new EP ‘Call Me Mista’. Out now for £3 digital download on BANDCAMP.

Snorlax - ‘Scuba Divin”

Free DL from BC.